Posted by Rebecca Nichols


 As Sean introduced Daniela Olt as the youngest speaker at our Rotary luncheon, he was unable to also say that this was the youngest program.  At an early age, Daniela was touched by the hardships of others, and at just 7 years old, in 2nd grade, organized the sending of 1,000 boxes of cookies and 300 brand new stuffed animals to the children of Haiti following the 2010 earthquake. Daniela’s Wish was launched, and as a registered 501(c)3, has a mission to help every child, everywhere have comfort and safety, especially during times of sadness.  They do this by providing items they have lost or need to get through a tragedy or time of sadness. Now a sophomore in high school, Daniela still runs this organization in between school studies and sports activities.  Working with a volunteer board of five, they continue to respond to the requests of children in need.  Visit their website for additional information on this truly impressive program.