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Greetings from Asbury Park Rotary

Welcome to our Club! Where Service and Fellowship Flourish!

Asbury Park Rotary

We meet Wednesdays at 12:15 PM
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Welcome to the Rotary Club of Asbury Park! We consider ourselves the best Rotary club in the Universe because of our enthusiasm, infectious spirit, friendship and commitment to serve others. We work together on a variety of local and international projects each year to benefit our community, touching thousands of people since 1919.  Do you want to get involved in your community? 

Although membership is by invitation, we encourage you to learn more about Rotary and what it means to be a Rotarian.  Rotarian and non Rotarian visitors are welcome at our meetings.


News from Asbury Park Rotary
RI President John F. Germ chose Rotary Serving Humanity as his theme for 2016-17. Noting Rotary’s unique ability to bring together committed professionals to achieve remarkable goals, Germ believes that “now is the time to capitalize on our success: as we complete the eradication of polio, and catapult Rotary forward to be an even greater force for good in the world.”
Stories of Asbury Park Rotary in Action
Rotarians from the Asbury Park and Monmouth County Evening Rotary Clubs assisted Celtic Charms Therapeutic Horsemanship by building screens to keep pigeons out of the indoor paddock area.  Celtic Charms is a 501c3 that provides lessons in horsemanship to children and adults with disabilities.  A great turnout for a deserving project.
Kim Brittington of Tiny Tours Ocean Grove spoke last week and gave an interesting talk about the history of Ocean Grove including the significant number of women business owners in the late 1800's.  Tiny Tours provides walking tours of Ocean Grove, please visit her website at
On April 22nd members of the Rotary Club of Asbury Park and the Monmouth County Evening Rotary Club participated in Clean Ocean Action's Beach Sweeps.  We collected and logged trash and recyclables found on the Beach in Belmar.  The event was held from Sandy Hook to Cape May.

The Traveling Team!

On March 30, 2017, a dedicated group of Asbury Park Rotarians drove to West 32nd Street in Manhattan to serve dinner at Hope Lodge.  The American Cancer Society runs Hope Lodge as a free boarding facility for people receiving cancer treatment in New York City that offers relaxation from the busy city outside. Again, Rotary answers the call for service.




Rotary Helps Kids at Home, too.

Warren, Brenda, Danny and Exievier

Danny McKee, Asbury Park Little League president, and two of his young players showed up at the March 29, 2017 meeting of the Rotary Club of Asbury Park to accept a check for $2500.  The donation will be used to send 5 young ball players from Asbury Park to Little League Baseball Camp this summer in Williamsport, PA.

Warren Riddick, Asbury Park little leaguer, attended the camp last year and reported his experience to the Rotarians at their lunch meeting.  “They split us into teams and then we play games,” said Warren.  Exievier Chathuant, another camp attendee, told his story about Williamsport and expressed his gratitude. “We go swimming and have a lot of fun.  The money you give to us, we are thankful for,” said Exievier.

Asbury Park Rotary received half the money for this Little League project from a Rotary District Grant, available for small-scale, short-term activities that address needs in a community.  Individual and club donations to The Rotary Foundation come back to Rotary districts three years later for grants to help fund programs like this. 


First Repaired Computers Ready for Delivery

Dennis stands by his refurbished computers awaiting a new owner
Dennis Huntley has Multiple Sclerosis and knows what it’s like to be confined at home where the only connection to the outside world is a computer.  He is also a skilled IT person who repairs and refurbishes old computers.  Because of this, he approached Asbury Park Rotary with a proposal.
If Rotary can supply Dennis with unwanted and defective machines and find the disabled and needy people who could use one, he will make the repairs and updates.  The first restored computers are ready for delivery, and Asbury Park Rotarians will take care of that too.  It’s a partnership made in heaven, and we’re sure the good Lord is pleased.  A great job has been done by Brenda, Dina, Kip and all others involved.
Rotary on Display at St. Pat's Parade

"Service Above Self" says it all as Anthony P, Sean and Tom P lead the way

The frost was on the shamrock at this year’s Asbury Park St. Patrick’s Parade, but it didn’t dampen the spirits of the Asbury Park Rotarians as they took their rightful place in the festive procession. Club members and friends bundled up for the 4th annual event on March 12, 2017 that marched from Ocean Ave, through downtown Cookman and ended by Johnnie Mac’s on Main Street. Only one disgruntled Rotarian was heard to complain about the subfreezing temperature when he said, “This isn’t fair. It’s like doing two Polar Plunges in one year!”

Kate did a great job as chair of our Parade committee and, with the help of Kip, put together a grand little Rotary float describing our accomplishments.  The Rotary kids rode the float and tossed goodies to spectators as we passed by.  Special thanks to Anthony Petrocelli, Point Pleasant Beach Rotary president and Asbury Park High School teacher, for anchoring one end of our lead banner.

The reviewing stand described us as the “best Rotary club in the universe for our enthusiasm, infectious spirit and commitment to service.”  Many comments were heard from the crowd like “go Rotary,” “you’re the best” and “thanks for all you do.”  The word is getting out.

The kids ride the float

Kate, Tama, Dina and the Buckleys with Denise P

Kevin and Amy work the crowd with goodies

Tony C in the cold while Kip and Kathy pull the float

Asbury Park Rotarians prepare to march


Who Remembers “The Circuit?”

An open car door beckons you in for a ride on "The Circuit" as the Palace glows behind
Some have heard of “The Circuit” in Asbury Park while fewer, still, actually experienced it. If you were young and restless and visited Asbury Park from the late 60’s to the early 80’s, you couldn’t miss it.  You wouldn’t want to miss it!
As the name implies, “The Circuit” was a circular route or loop along the beachfront of Asbury Park.  At the time, Ocean Avenue was a one-way street heading North, and Kingsley ran one-way South. And, on warm summer nights, it was the track to drive your special set of wheels around and around and around.
Guys and girls showed up to see and be seen, with hooking up as the ultimate achievement for some. Drag racing at each intersection, when the red light turned green (definitely illegal), was one on the bigger thrills. Others would stop along the way to visit a bar, listen to music, walk the boards or ride the amusements, but primarily, “The Circuit” was a cruising experience.
The Palace Amusements was at the Southern border of “The Circuit’s” turnaround, at the end of Kingsley Avenue.  It was the largest structure there, and you couldn’t miss the big neon lights, iconic ferris wheel and, of course, picture of Tillie. Its mystic glow set the scene for “magic in the night.”
One who remembers “The Circuit” very clearly in his music is Bruce Springsteen.  He actually mentions it by name in his early song  4th of July, Asbury Park (Sandy). Subsequent songs contain lyrics that unmistakably describe the experiences of desire, disappointment and ecstasy “The Circuit” invoked at a special time in Asbury Park.  Below are verses from the Boss’s songs Sandy, the famous Born to Run and Something in the Night.  Enjoy the remanences of those special days, if you were one of the lucky ones to have been there.

4th of July, Asbury Park (Sandy) (1973)        
Down in town, the Circuit's full of switchblade lovers
So fast, so shiny, so sharp
As the wizards play down on Pinball Way

Born to Run (1975)
Beyond the Palace hemi-powered drones scream down the boulevard
Girls comb their hair in rearview mirrors
And the boys try to look so hard
The amusement park rises bold and stark
Kids are huddled on the beach in a mist
I wanna die with you Wendy on the street tonight
In an everlasting kiss
Something in the Night  (1978)
I'm riding down Kingsley
Figuring I'll get a drink
Turn the radio up loud
So I don't have to think
I take her to the floor
Looking for a moment when the world
Seems right
And I tear into the guts
Mmh, of something in the night
Laughter is the Best Medicine
Rotary Fills the Prescription

Recent health studies have shown that laughter can actually boost the immune system to fight illnesses such as cancer and viral diseases. Hilarity not only reduces stress but increases natural killer cell levels, a type of white blood cell that attacks cancer cells.  Lord knows, we sure do laugh a lot in Rotary. 

Sandy, Joan and Jeff react to a misspoken word at the District Foundation Dinner

One major new study found that roaring with laughter can boost the immune system by up to 40%, and health professionals should look more seriously at humor as a complementary therapy.  Research at Indiana State University showed that a group of women watching laugh-out-loud comedy videos together had healthier immune systems than those who watched a dull tourism video.  Blood tests confirmed a significant increase in natural killer cells over the control group, and stress levels decreased.  It was concluded that laughter may benefit cancer patient treatment.

Tony B and Anthony enjoy a Rotary meeting exercise program

So, here’s another reason to belong to Rotary – Laughter is good for your health.  And, Asbury Park Rotary is certainly known for its good times.  Our meetings are always upbeat and produce many moments of amusement. We are lucky to have a collection of members who keep us entertained.  Even our service projects can be fun, whether we’re jumping in the frigid Atlantic Ocean or packing frozen chickens at the Food Bank.

Denise P and Jeff verify a fun holiday party


Be active in Rotary.  You have nothing to lose and, maybe, a whole lot to gain.

What in the world could Gail and Penny be smiling about at the District Installation Dinner?


Rotary Bell Ringers Honored

Gail, Tama, Brenda, Hunt, Tom P, HJ, Traudy, Kip, Kate, Brian Y and Sean proudly display their certificates of appreciation

The Asbury Park Corps of the Salvation Army honored the Asbury Park Rotarians who volunteered to be a “Bell Ringer” and support their kettle drive during this past holiday season.  A special awards luncheon was held and certificates of appreciation were handed out by Major Carl, corps commander and Rotarian.  Asbury Park Rotary is always there when the community calls.

A Gala to Save Children's Lives

Dale Vetter (c) and past Michael's Heart winners

Fun with a purpose is the trademark of Rotary, and it all came together at the 20th Annual Gift of Life Foundation Winter Gala of Rotary District 7500.  Rotarians from around the district met at the Crystal Point in Pt Pleasant on February 11, 2017 with one primary goal – to repair the hearts of little children around the world.

The Gala is a fund raiser to support medical missions for poor children in underserved countries who would die from congenital heart defects if we didn’t help.  Rob Raylman, CEO of Gift of Life International, addressed the attendees with encouragement and praise for all the good Rotarians from D7500 are doing to save children’s lives.  He reported that the many Gift of Life organizations, working through Rotary, now are the #1 charitable organization in the world that helps children with heart disease.  We not only help the children but the families that love those children so much.

The Michael’s Heart Award was presented to a person who demonstrates dedication to Rotary District 7500 Gift of Life Foundation and who follows Rotary’s principles of service above self, compassion and integrity. This year’s winner was Dale Vetter of Willingboro Rotary Club who gave a very moving acceptance speech.

Asbury Park Rotary supported the event with a $500 ad in the program book and an auction item donation.  Attending from our club was Gary S, a member of the GOLF board of trustees.

Chuck Watson of Red Bank with Gary S and Rob Raylman



… And Those Who Helped!

Adrienne and Robin are always there to sell the merchandise

You don’t have to plunge to be a big asset to a Rotary event like the Polar Plunge.  Those who work behind the scenes are vital in making these fund raisers a success.  So we thank and recognize those who helped at the 9th Annual 2017 Rotary Polar Plunge:

Jim, Hunt and Ted -- True Rotary yeomen.

Mike, Tom P, Brian Y, Roy -- Make things happen

HJ and Frank -- Eager to Serve


43oF Ocean Temperature Scares No One

Rotary 2017 Polar Plungers are happy to help
The French would say “comme ci, comme ca.”  An Italian might answer “mezza, mezza” when asked how were the conditions at this year’s Plunge?  It wasn’t pleasant, but we’ve sure experienced worse!  It most definitely was another good time, and two good causes were helped.
The 9th annual Rotary Polar Plunge on January 28, 2017 started with a procession from the Berkeley Oceanfront Hotel to the 6th Avenue Asbury Park beach where about 60 brave souls rushed to the sea.  The charge was led by Jeff and followed closely by Asbury Park Rotarians Traudy, Brenda, Linda, Sean and Gary S
Traudy and her committee did another fantastic job in running the event.  As a result, Mary’s Place by the Sea in Ocean Grove will be able to comfort women with cancer, and vision impaired people in poor countries will have their eyesight restored.
Many thanks go to the City of Asbury Park, the Berkeley Oceanfront Hotel, the Ocean Township High School Band, Wegmans and all the sponsors, especially Investors Bank.

The Plungers are ready
Jeff leads the way; Gary S, Linda, Brenda, Ellen P, Traudy and Maria after the Plunge

2017 Plunge's top donors
Chairlady Traudy and Maria, from Mary's Place, with MC Jeff

Sean brings his biggest fans

Investors Bank, our most loyal supporter, was there to help. Seated l to r: Marissa, Rose and Michele. Standing L to r: Kate, Renee, Polar Bear, Peter and Rich
Investors Bank,
 A True Friend of Rotary

Helping Students: President Brenda, Penny, Tino Fontes and Peter

Investors Bank sent some of its VIPs to our meeting to present the second half of the grant Asbury Park Rotary was awarded to give out for its college scholarship program.  This brings the total to $16,000 our club was given by Investors to assist students from Asbury Park, Neptune, Ocean Township and Academy Charter High Schools with the costs of furthering their education.

Making the presentation were Tino Fontes, Senior Retail Market Manager, Penny McDaniel, Senior Vice President and Regional Manager and Peter Leyman, Assistant Vice President and Deal Branch Manager, all of Investors Bank.  Of course, Penny and Peter are Asbury Park Rotarians which helps a lot.

Our special thanks go to Kevin Cummings, President and CEO of Investors Bank, for being such a good friend of Rotary.


Rotary Members Give Life

HJ lounges like Cleopatra in her boudoir as she generously gives

The holidays are the time of giving and Asbury Park Rotarians showed their generosity by donating their life-giving blood.  The Central Jersey Blood Center sent its bloodmobile to our January 4, 2017 meeting where about 25 members and friends provided something more valuable than money.

Brian Y gets his fluids checked by technician Colleen


Sean surprised everyone when his blood was warm

Joy to the World

Rotarians Eat, Drink and Be Merry

Vince, Jeff, Robin and Traudy sing "Gloria, in exelsis Deo!"

A cool mist rolled into Belmar and turned the beachfront into a winter wonderland.  The salty ocean air and the colorful decorations of the Belmar Fishing Club made the ideal setting for our annual Holiday Party.

Jason came through again and was the perfect host for our holiday festivities December 17, 2016.  The buffet food was delicious and plentiful and libations flowed freely.  Great fellowship was had through conversations with old and new friends.

Charlie Brown provided the entertainment with his singing and guitar.  Jeff was the song leader as we went through a long list of Christmas Carols.  Of course, Robin knew the words to them all.  When Charlie got into popular songs later, the dancing started.  Tom G and Patti did a sultry Tango, and new member Dina showed she can really shake it. Traudy, her two friends and Denise R looked like they were ready to form a new singing girl group to rival the Shirelles. Everyone left the party with feelings of peace and goodwill to all.

Host Jason with wife Keelin (lt) and Patti G (ctr)

Tom G with a happy Peter and his wife


Song leader Jeff and Patti and Tom

Traudy with her friends and Denise R singing along

Gail and Hunt at the end of the evening (obviously)



Rotary Bell Ringers Brave the Cold

Kate and Tony C work like a team that's been together for years

There is no question that Rotarians make the best Salvation Army bell ringers.  And, we are only too happy to help.  On December 16 and 17, 2016 we greeted shoppers at the Neptune Walmart and eagerly accepted their donations and exchanges of merry Christmas wishes.  We now await Major Carl's determination of how much we raised.


Other great teams: Tama and Gail; Heather and hubby Chris


These Guys are Good!
Rotary Visits FoodBank
Linda and Sean jump right in
Asbury Park Rotary paid another visit to the FoodBank of Monmouth and Ocean Counties for its volunteer night on December 1, 2016 and blew everyone away.  We were assigned to sorting frozen food.  When that job was done, we went to help another group with boxing and weighing, something we did at a previous session.  Linda is so good, she can fill a 30 pound box to within a half pound by feel alone.  Sean led the group that included Tony C, Gary S and Natan, a rookie at his first visit.  We help the FoodBank every few months and encourage everyone to come out.
Natan and Tony C making it work

Asbury Park Rotary Gives Sight to Six

That’s Why We Plunge

Surgical team at He Eye Hospital, Shen Yang, China (Dr. James Lehman, center)

A few moments of discomfort at our yearly Polar Plunge are well worth being directly responsible for a needy person seeing again.  With that in mind, Traudy announced the results of our 2016 Polar Plunge donation to Tissue Banks International and introduced four of the six people from China who can now see.

It costs $2000 to provide a corneal implant through the TBI program, and Asbury Park Rotary has been only too happy to help for the previous eight years with money raised at our Polar plunge.  Last year $11,000 was raised and, added to $1000 from the year before, six people were helped.  Their pictures and bios are listed below.  We thank TBI for wisely using the fruits of our hard work. 

1   2

3   4

1.  Hu Baoting:  64 yr old male with corneal perforation and traumatic cataract
2.  Huang Tijun:  49 yr old male with failed graft for corneal scars
3.  Sun Guifen:  74 yr old female with corneal scarring
4.  Wang Yong Wei:  37 yr old male with keratoconus and failed previous keratoplasty


Special Thanks to Traudy Grande and the Rotary Club of Asbury Park,
You are the crucial link in the chain of sight. Together, we complete that chain. Your generosity has touched the lives of Hu, Huang, Sun and Wang.  You had the power to make the blind see. And you did.  
With Gratitude,
Kathleen C. Terlizzese
and your friends at TBI


Happy Anniversary to The Rotary Foundation
Asbury Park Rotary Honored

President Brenda receives 100% Giving award from past RI President Frank Devlyn
100 years of "Doing Good in the World" and better than ever.  The Rotary District 7500 "Thanks for Giving Dinner" was held November 11, 2016 to celebrate The Rotary Foundation's beginning in 1917 and recognize Rotary clubs in District 7500 for supporting our admirable organization. President Brenda was at La Bove Grande in Lakehurst, NJ to accept honors for Asbury Park Rotary as a 100% Giving Club for 2015-16 and a check for a District Grant to support the Asbury Park Little League.  A 100% Giving Club has every member give something to TRF with the club donating at a $100 per member average. This is a significant achievement for a large club with many new members, and Traudy should be complimented for accomplishing it during her year as president.
Frank Devlyn, RI president for 2000-01, was the featured speaker and told us why The Rotary Foundation is so highly regarded. The good it does to promote peace and goodwill around the world is unmatched.  "People want to give to projects they can trust, are meaningful and make a difference.  So they give to The Rotary Foundation," said Frank. Everyone attending received the book Frank Talk on our Rotary Foundation, coauthored by Frank Devlyn and our District Governor David Forward.  We should all be proud to be Rotarians.

President Brenda receives District Grant check with other clubs of District 7500
Dictionaries are Signed, Sealed and Delivered

The label stickers include: Kate, Jeff, Dina, Jim, Peter, Roy, Gail and Natan
The 2016 Dictionary Project was completed in no time as Asbury Park Rotary got a big assist from the Deal Branch of Investors Bank.  Peter arranged  for the use of his bank, his crack staff and dinner from Chick-fil-A to assure a job well done.  Amy and Kate chaired the annual project that provides personal dictionaries to all third grade students in schools in our service area of Asbury Park, Neptune, Ocean, Deal, Neptune City and Bradley Beach.  Both public and private schools were included.  The dictionaries were boxed and delivered by Rotarians to all the schools.
Tom Pivinsky Recognized for Service to Asbury Park

Roy, Brenda, Tom Pivinsky and Tom P at the awards dinner
Asbury Park Rotary selected Tom Pivinsky as its representative to receive the Community Volunteer Recognition Award at the District 7500 event held October 17, 2016 at the Bove Grande in Lakehurst. This award goes to a non-Rotarian who has made a difference in his community.
Tom joined the Environment and Shade Tree Commission (ESTC) in Asbury Park in 2003 and became chair the first night he attended a meeting.  Once he became a Master Gardener in 2008, the commission became more independent and began to introduce new projects to the city. Since then, the ESTC has planted nearly 2000 trees in Asbury Park and created gardens throughout.
Tom's primary motivation has been to create a welcoming and interactive relationship between the city, residents and visitors. He works countless hours behind the scenes within city departments and local vendors and nurseries to ensure that everything is in place for the projects that are planned.
Tom's strong leadership is responsible for organizing a dedicated group of 60 to 70 volunteers to accomplish all that is done.  The amount of time he spends working alone on the maintenance of the gardens is immeasurable. This is why Rotary recognizes his service to the community.
Vocational Service, Unique to Rotary

Asbury Park Rotarians and friends with Kevin Cummings (center) at the 36th NJ Vocational Assembly
Eleven Rotarians headed to Edison,, NJ, the crossroads of the state, to hear two dynamic speakers talk about Vocational Service and how it makes Rotary stand out from other service organizations.  The 36th NJ Vocational Assembly saw over 200 Rotarians from around New Jersey gather, October 5, 2016, at the Pines Manor for an evening of fellowship and learning. 
Kevin Cummings, president and CEO of Investors Bank, praised Rotary and told us how his bank strives to follow the same principles of ethics that are written into Rotary’s creed.  The dinner speaker, Rick King, past RI president, gave an inspiring presentation on the beginnings of Rotary, when building friendships and supporting each other in business was most important to our organization.  
Attending from Asbury Park Rotary were Penny, Kip, Jeff, Jessica B, Gary S, Robin, Jackie, Gail, Peter, Sandy and Tama.
Asbury Park Rotary Serves the FoodBank

Dina, Tama, Brenda, Linda and Gary team up to pack frozen chicken
It seems that every time we work at the FoodBank of Monmouth and Ocean Counties in Neptune, we learn a new skill.  This day involved frozen chickens and spaghetti squash.  Asbury Park Rotary took part in the Volunteer Group Program, October 6, 2016, where we packed, weighed and stacked about 2 tons of the of the aforementioned eatables. We split into two teams that worked like well-oiled machines to get the job done in record time.  Attending from Asbury Park Rotary were Brenda and Dan S, Roy and Gail H, Linda, Tama, Dina, Gail, Kip and Gary S. Service Projects chair, Sean, showed up to get the ball rolling.
The FoodBank;  Gail H and Kip pack boxes

Linda and Tama dig into frozen chicken

Dan and Brenda as a working couple
Rotary Helps Plant Trees in Remembrance

Jeff, Kip, Brenda, Tom P, Jackie, Tony C and Roy get their hands dirty for a good cause
The City of Asbury Park honored the memory of the 49 victims of the Orlando nightclub shootings with a tree and nameplate for each one in Library Square Park.  Seven members of Asbury Park Rotary were there to help with the planting on September 17, 2016.  Roy, whose wife Gail is a member of the city's Environmental Shade Tree Committee, lead the Rotary group.  Others attending were Kip, Brenda, Tom P, Jackie, Tony C and Jeff with the chicken.
Roy and Gail H and Tony C in action
Dawn Bunyon-
May 31, 2017
Holiday Express
Laurie Salka-Prog Admin-Displaced Homemakers
Jun 14, 2017
Working with folks who are forced with career & life challenges -Brookdale at Long Branch
Sean & JoAnn Burney
Jun 21, 2017
Allaire Community Farm
Scholarship Luncheon
Jun 28, 2017
Scholarship Awards to be awarded to area students!!