One rainy Sunday, on his way to drop off food to the Jersey Shore Rescue Mission, Jeff came upon a classic Bentley that was broken down on the side of the road. Inside was a Bride and her father on their way to the church for the wedding ceremony. Springing into action, Jeff saved the day by transporting the Bride and her Dad to the church in the Chick Fil-A Flex!
But there's more to the story....
It turns out that the proud Father of the Bride is Nick Narilis, a member of the Rotary Club of Branchburg. And the Father of the Groom is Phil Enmott, and he, remarkably, is a member of the Bury, England Rotary Club.
Fast forward to our Dec 19th meeting. In attendance as Jeff's guests, were both Dads and also the Bride and Groom from that fateful day! We exchanged Club flags and were treated by the Happy Couple to a dance performance. (They just happen to be professional dancers). A very rare treat for a Rotary Club meeting indeed. Both of the Dads presented checks to our Club for the Jersey Shore Rescue Mission, donated by members of each club. How great is Rotary?
And speaking of the Jersey Shore Rescue Mission, Club member Phil Richardson’s invited guest was the Executive Director of Market Street Mission/Jersey Shore Rescue Mission, Dave Scott.  This year our Holiday project was to sponsor and raise $2200 for the Jersey Shore Rescue Mission. Jeff led a rousing pledge drive to ultimately raise more than $2700. 
Last but not least, further proving "it is all about Jeff", District Governor Bill Donnelly presented Jeff with his 3rd Paul Harris award. Congratulations!!
This meeting displayed Rotary Service Above Self in so many ways. We can all be thankful for the Friendships and the Fellowship we enjoy as members of Rotary.