Save the Dates: Details to follow
May 18th - We will be planting our Centennial Garden at Veterans Park in Asbury Park
June 9th - Asbury Park Rotary Club Day at the Race Track
We will be sponsoring a race!!  Who will go into the winners Circle?????
Other announcements:
New Shirts are in..please bring check to meeting to pick up.

APRIL 100 Acts of Kindness

We have 17 RAK to date…83 to go…9 days to act!!!

Email Dina if you can’t make the meeting..she will share for you!!!

Feeding someone hungry. Picking up a piece of litter by the side of the road. Helping someone who needs a hand getting down a staircase. These gestures take mere seconds of your time, but they can make all the difference to the person on the receiving end of them. And while they may not make a major dent in your day, they can lead to some serious benefits for you, as well. According to researchers at the University of Oxford, acts of kindness—from smiling at a stranger to helping dig someone’s stuck tire out of the snow—can yield major improvements in the mood of not only their recipients, but the individual doling them out, as well. That’s right: every seemingly minor thing you’re doing to make someone else happy can fill you with just as much joy.

A few FREE ideas to motivate you..

Donate Blood

Call your Mom

Text someone an uplifting compliment

Offer to pick up a neighbors groceries

Make your partner breakfast in bed