Posted by Robin Platt-Lacey
In our most inspirational meeting of the year, ROCAP entertained a wonderful group of veterans, with more than enough gratefulness to go around. The highlight of our Veteran's program was the recognition of WWII vets, now in their nineties.  Happy dollars were shared by all, including a very magnanimous seventy dollars from an American Legion post from Asbury Park.  Jeff Bassett gave his usual rousing presentation that brought goosebumps to us all.  This large assemblage can be credited to the hard work of Dina Blackwood, who contacted American Legion, DAV,  and VFW posts to make sure all were welcome.  Donnie kept rolling out the extra tables, so next year we will probably need the ballroom!  The best surprise of all was when News12 showed up and we were on TV for two days.  Out District Governor joined us and gave Rotary pins to all the vets, who wore them proudly on their clothing or caps,.  In short,  a sensational day for ROCAP.