When HIV/AIDS was at the height of its epidemic, Asbury Park was no stranger to this disease.  Already working on prevention and treatment, the A-Team out of the Jersey Shore Medical Center, knew that more was needed.  In 1992, Fr. Bob called a meeting inviting churches and community groups to address this issue, and was surprised when the meeting was attended by 60 people, a clear sign that others were concerned.  This meeting had an agenda with three questions:  1) what is this disease?, 2) what do those infected need?, and 3) what can we do?  Even in the early stages of understanding the disease it was clear that the homeless and malnourished were the less likely to be able to fight it.  The Center started by providing food, actually delivering it those in need along with transportation so that medical attention could be obtained.  As this part of the program continued, it was clear that the real problem was housing.  In 2003 their current location on 3rd Avenue in Asbury Park was built, and they now have 25 apartments.  Residents of these apartments receive three meals/day.  This is permanent housing, theirs until they no longer need it.  In addition to housing, The Center provides a healthy lunch to 50 clients/day, organizes 70 volunteers/week and have a full-time staff of five.  “Meals on the go” are meals that can be frozen, then heated in a microwave and are given to the lunch customers for a dinner, and sometimes several on Fridays to tide them over the weekend.  Three years ago they opened a thrift store in Belmar as a source of income.  They receive state grants, support from individuals, and have three events each year: Bike-a-thon, Walk-a-thon, and Center a la Carte.  For more information go to  www.thecenterinap.org, or  make an appointment and Patsy will give you a tour.