Last Food Fund Drive This Year

President Brian Mullins reported this week that the club has once again achieved its goal of raising $1000 for the Bradley Beach Food Pantry.  

“During these turbulent times my faith in humanity is restored by the actions of so many people I have the Grace to call my friends,” he said. “Over the past number of weeks I have asked all of you to contribute to our ongoing efforts during what for all of us (to say the least) has been a life changing experience.  So many of us have stepped up to help others.” 

In the coming week the fund drive will continue to donate the same amount to another food program.

  “I am going to go to the well one more time. This week’s goal is again to raise yet another $1000.  When we achieve this goal the money will be given to the Trinity Church Food Justice Program in Asbury Park,” Mullins said. “Our program began with providing meals to health care providers and is coming full circle to providing meals for Asbury Park families in need.”  

Contributions can be sent by check sent to P.O box (P.O Box512 Asbury Park NJ 07712) and direct donations through the following website

Mullins said this was the final call for donations as his Presidency of the Asbury Park Rotary Club comes to an end and he passes the baton to Kip Daly. 

“While this is not as I thought the year would go I have never been prouder to call you all my friends as well as to call myself a Rotarian.”