Ken Bruton from National Write your Congressman (NWYC) joined us on a snowy Wednesday and presented the work of his organization. He was quick to point out that while there are 47,000 lobbyist in DC, all representing their point of view, his organization is the only one of its kind. NWYC presents its members with both sides of an issue, without prejudice to either side, allowing the member to understand the issue in more depth and thus make an informed decision on where they stand. Members are encouraged to share their opinion with their representatives at either the State level or with those in DC. Forty percent of Americans are registered to vote, but only a mere 2% have ever written to their legislator! NWYC is the largest “we the people” organization in the USA. They are not left nor right, Democrats nor Republicans, but simply encourage their membership to respond appropriately to the issues that they care about. And this makes a difference! An example he cites is the research that they did on the appalling state of our care for our Veterans. Through their efforts, benefits have gone up, and health care is now available outside the VA network. As a member of their organization, you not only vote, but you give your opinion and your voice is heard. It doesn’t really take a lot to make a noise, but it must be vocal. Their membership is fee-based, and they currently have more than 1m members. But it’s not the number of people, it’s how active they are. For more information, see their website, or contact Ken at, 732.672.9746 and he’d be delighted to visit with you.