Did you know that Deal Lake is the largest coastal lake in New Jersey? Did you know that seven communities in Monmouth County have access to this lake? Don Brockel, Deal Lake Commission Chair, took time to share with us how this 158 acres of lake can and should provide a resource for recreation and plays a significant role in our ecosystem. The mission is to provide leadership, guidance and resources to preserve and restore Deal Lake and its tributaries as a healthy and stable ecosystem. By actively serving as stewards of Deal Lake and its Watershed, their goals include:

· Educating the community, including our school children, to increase awareness and appreciation for the natural environment of the lake;

· Providing leadership concerning issues related to Deal Lake within and outside our community;

· Helping homeowners and public groups recognize and mindfully solve problems related to water quality, siltation, and lake restoration;

· Serving as the liaison between lakeside communities, County agencies, and the NJ DEP to implement a Regional Storm Water Management Plan; and

· Proactively suggesting practical ideas to improve overall the environmental quality of properties throughout the Deal Lake watershed. For more information, or to find out how you can volunteer, see their website www.deallake.org. The website also provides practical ways that each of us can participate in preserving and caring for the lake. The commission meets every third Thursday of the month at Interlaken Boro Hall, 7pm, and encourages public participation.