A nice follow-up to the presentation by Don Brockel, Chair of the Deal Lake Commission, was our speaker today whose firm does only municipal engineering, Peter Avakian of Leon S. Avakian, Inc. Peter serves as staff of the Deal Lake Commission and focuses on the planning/zoning board review of development projects as these pertain to the environmental safety of Deal Lake and other environmental concerns. Peter shared that it has taken years to education developers and municipalities as to the importance of proper storm management. As he says, “you must develop property properly.” This is entails: 1.) Ground water infiltration, guaranteeing that 100% of the water that was absorbed in the ground prior to the site being developed, must be absorbed into the ground following completion of the project; 2.) Water discharging from the developed site must be slowed; and 3.) Removal of sediment before beginning the project. The developer must think through the whole project. To learn more about what Peter’s firm does, see their website http://www.leonsavakian.com, and for questions call Peter at 732.922.9229.