Terry Bloomfield, Holistic Registered Nurse, who has a clinical practice, The Healing Way of Ocean, presented the benefits of CBD oil. For more than 30 years she has been working with clients who are referred to her when their traditional treatments are not working. Some of her older clients brought CBD to her attention, and she began to research the viability of this product. It is advisable to work with a licensed health professional so that the administration of the oil is monitored. Beware: there are many over-the-counter products that claim to have CBD in them, that have not been tested. Make sure to research your product. She has found amazing for her clients from mental health issues to relief from cancer. After explaining aspects of our body and how CBD provides support for it, she introduced Karen Apy who shared her story of how a diagnosis and treatment of a terminal cancer condition led to many complications and additional medications to treat the side-effects of other medications. She was finally wheelchair bound unable to even brush her teeth. Feeling depressed and discouraged, she saw an ad for CTFO, a product containing CBD. She had nothing to lose, so ordered the oil and a lotion. After only one application of the lotion to her feet and hands, she was able to get out of the wheelchair AND brush her teeth. She stood before us; a living example of how an organic product can enhance and rebuild a body. For additional information, you can call Terry at 732.778.0112 – or hey, contact our very own Dina at dinabwood.myctfocbd.com!