Our speaker on October 17, was our former president, Traudy Grande, who, along with her husband, owns a financial investment company. She shared with us the two main reasons that families invest which are retirement and for the education of their children. When thinking through an investment for your retirement, it would be wise to remember that Social Security will most likely only cover 35% of your monthly costs, and that it was created when life-expectancy was 74/75 years. Now, investment planners advise their clients to count on living to 95 for women, or 92 for men. If you are saving for your children’s education, it is good to remember that education costs are going up an average of 6% per year. As daunting as this may seem, Traudy shared realistic avenues for getting the most out of your savings, and offered advice on investment plans that for your family no matter your age. Want more information? Traudy is available to answer any questions or to work with you on your investment strategy.