Did the title trick you? blush 
No, the Rotary Club does not have a CFO — Chief Financial Officer. But if you're like me, and keep tabs on leadership trends in corporate America, you'll notice a year-over-year increase across companies and organizations as they expand their C-Suite to include an additional CFO — Chief Fun Officer. 
With that in mind, earlier this summer at a July Club meeting, I announced our own "Chief Fun Officer". The function of this role is to strengthen club culture and retention by developing opportunities for members to have fun, create memories, and deepen relationships. 
This position was accepted by Gail Matarazzo, Past-President & Past-Assistant Governor. She hit the ground running in June, and formed a "fun committee" that's been meeting 1x/ month. 
Fun Committee In Action:
At the last few meetings, an unsuspecting fun committee member has taped (very sneakily, I might add) a lottery scratch-off ticket to the bottom of someone's chair. You may be the next mega winner! 
Additionally, the "Fun Committee" is pleased to invite you to their debut event...
Progressive House Party Porch Crawl 
October 8, 2021
5:30 pm
Yours in Service, 
Jaclyn Boruch
President 2021-2022
Rotary Club of Asbury Park