This month's Rotary Legend is a past leader in our club. He was also a leader in the community during the 70s riots in Asbury Park.
But first, some recreational clues: For several years in the past the Rotary Club of Asbury Park was able to field a competitive softball team, as well as a District championship golf team made up of members including Hank and Harold Garrity (father and son), "Dip" Hagerman, and George Van Wickle. The softball team played against the Asbury Park Kiwanis Club, the Asbury Park Press, and the Long Branch Rotary Club — and had a lot of fun doing so. 
This month's Rotary Legend was a very good third baseman as well as an accomplished skier.

As an attorney, he served as the Magistrate in Neptune City and Interlaken each for 17 years. Remarkably, none of his decisions were ever overturned when challenged in a higher court.
In 1970, he sat in as the Magistrate in Asbury Park while Eugene Capabianco was on vacation. While he was in that  position the riots in Asbury Park occurred. While dealing with rioters in the Municipal Court for their destructive activities, he overhead a well-known New York TV network reporter ask the rioters what might they do next.

This Rotarian calmly told the reporter that he (the reporter) was going to be put jail for the night for igniting more riots and violence. Any sane person would not have wanted to spend time in the old Asbury Park jail.
Here's another clue:  This Rotarian was a past president of our Club. 
Do you know who this member was?
Article prepared by Mike Fornino.