Rotary Fun Fact: Rev. Vern Matthews, President from 1990-91, led the Asbury Park Rotary with the first induction of female members: Betty Erickson, Eileen Sheridan and Susan Soviero.




JoAnn Burney, founder and Alison Monte, Allaire Community Farm.


This was not the first visit from Allaire Community Farm, and it was wonderful to hear their update on their program.  We were reminded that Allaire Community Farm is a sanctuary where passionate people make an impact on their community by creating an encouraging environment that fosters healing and hopeBut more exciting was their news of the move to the property next door.  With the support of the town and the state, they were able to secure a mortgage for the new property.  On this property, they will provide: a BBQ plaza in memory of JoAnn’s brother-in-law, have stunning and productive green houses, provide farm-wide handicapped accessibility, year round education opportunities, pony rides, birthday parties, and much more.  Their barn will provide much needed storage, have a multi-purpose room, shelter for animals and space for therapeutic driving.  It was hard not to be infected with their enthusiasm and we wish them well in this new endeavor.  Perhaps they can return next year and report on their accomplishments?