Meals for Heroes

The Rotary Health Care worker Meals for Heroes program is underway with President Brian Mullins saying 140 meals have been delivered to Monmouth Medical Center workers in three departments, ICU, Respiratory Therapy and Emergency Room.

70 meals during different shifts were delivered after being provided by One18 restaurant in Deal.

He said on Friday another round will be delivered to two shifts in all three departments.

$2600 has been donated to the program thus far and how much continues to be donated will determine how long the program will go on.

Tom Price made Rotary Club labels that are affixed to the pre packaged meals so recipients know where they came from.

President Brian said about $400 per week is needed to keep the program going.

“We will keep it going as long as we can,” he said.


During Happy Dollars, many in the Zoom meeting gave kudos to both Jackie Boruch and Brian Mullins for organizing and keeping the meetings going every week.

Members also discussed how they are surviving self isolation including Geri who is painting her basement stairs, Mansa who is doing a 30 day cold shower challenge, which he swears that “after a while it’s awesome” and Denise Ricciardi who is walking her dogs at the Manasquan Wildlife Management Area, which is one place that has not yet been shut down. It is located along the Manasquan River.