Rotary Fun Fact:  Believe it or not our club, along with all others, was given a challenge by Rotary International president Ian Risely to plant 1.2 million trees, shrubs, flowers, whatever we chose! So of course Asbury took the challenge and refurbished an entire Veteran's Memorial on Sunset Lake! So to date there have been over 3700 planting projects across the country so far and we have exceeded the 1.2 million tree challenge!!!
Speaker, Tom Pivinski, Director, Environmental Shade Tree Commission
Tom started his presentation by saying how helpful it was to have our Rotary’s assistance with the planting of trees in the Bradley Park where 12 trees are now in the ground along with 2 beds of geraniums and other flowering plants that create a red, white and blue bouquet.  He encouraged us to go by and see how lovely it truly is.  Because of the commitment of Rotary to the care of Asbury Park, Tom is proposing to the city that a Rotary Garden be created in honor of our 100th anniversary.  Tom then shared with us that the Environmental Shade Tree Commission (ESTC) assists residents with planting, trimming and removal of public trees. One hundred eighteen volunteers assist with projects that include garden planting, weeding (Wednesday and Saturday mornings 9-11), cleanups, small tree trimming and pruning.  Along with plants are raised vegetable beds located on Bangs Avenue along City Hall.  These beds are now in need of replacement and a gift from AP Neighbor Association is providing funds to completely rebuild, and plant tomatoes and green peppers.  ESTC has recently received their 501(c)3 status which will allow them to do fund raising activities.  If you are interested in volunteering, the Environmental Shade Tree Committee generally meets on the third Tuesday of the month at 7pm in the City Council Chambers.
Anyone needing assistance with City trees can submit a request to the ESTC at: or send letters of request to: Tom Pivinski, c/o Environment and Shade Tree Commission, 1607 Emory Street
Asbury Park, NJ 07712.
Visit by District Governor Diane Rotondelli
DG Diane visited today and updated our club on the progress of her service dog project, the district clubs have raised enough funds to provide service dogs to three veterans!