Rotary Fun Fact: in April 1950, our Rotary club raised money for the Boy Scouts for their Camp Brisbane, and the following year contributed to both Forestburg Scout Reservation and to a Boy Scout troop in Rome, Italy.
We welcomed Don Zumbach, Thunderbird District Executive, for Boy Scouts of America, Monmouth County.  The Thunderbird Council covers the area of West Long Branch through Manasquan. Don shared that through 100 years of Scouting in Monmouth County, this area has an 83% retention rate.  Their scout reservations of Quail Hill and Forestburg have both seen substantial upgrading: Quail Hill has upgraded roads, updated the ranger station, renovated the chapel and is currently improving the pool; Forestburg has added a zip line, is reroofing and improving the electrical system. The conversation moved into the recent decision on the part of the Boy Scouts to admit females into their program.  Don pointed out that both the Venturing (age 14-20) and the Exploring (high school age) programs have been co-ed for many years. That what is new is the younger aged scouts.  He was also quick to remind us that “scouting is a movement, and we will move into the future making adjustments as are needed along the way.”  For more information review their website
Brian and Donnie celebrated Birthdays!