Each November, the Rotary Club of Asbury Park honors our local veterans. This year, we would like to highlight several club members that have served their country after WWII, each in their own unique way.
Rotarian #1: This member was a tail gunner in a Boeing B17 bomber – notably one of the most dangerous duties in the war.  He flew over 25 missions in Europe and was then assigned to the Pacific Theater. He and his son became Rotary Club Presidents, with his son serving our own Asbury Park club!

Rotarian #2: This member was a Boeing B17 pilot, flying 32 missions out of England with the 8th Air Force. The required number of missions was only 25! His son-in-law also became a Rotary member!

Rotarian #3: This member was a C47 pilot who flew over “The Hump” into Burmas to supply necessary goods and equipment. Fun Fact: Those C47’s were unarmed!

Rotarian #4: This member was an Administrator of several hospitals in Europe.
Rotarian #5: This member was a Navy pilot who later became the owner/operator of a local newspaper. 
Rotarian #6: This member, the son of one of the club’s founders, served as the Intelligence Officer in the Army Air Force – traveling across Africa and then into Italy. After missing four club meetings in a row, this Intelligence Officer’s membership was cancelled! Upon his return, he had to re-apply for membership. His son would also serve as a Rotary Club President. Fun Fact: the Air Force was not separated from the Army until 1947.
Article prepared by Rotarian Mike Fornino
Article edited by Rotarian Catherine Liquet