Freeholder Tom Arnone joined us for lunch to share Economic Development in Monmouth County.  Just what is a Freeholder? Though Tom did not answer that question directly, he did explain in great detail what a Freeholder does. When Tom first ran for Freeholder the county budget was $489m (this was 2010); it is now $449m. The streamline came from identifying programs that the county wasn’t doing well, and privatizing those and the savings returns to our communities. Freeholders work on county projects that coordinate with municipal visions so that everyone wins. An example that he gave is: when dredging a lake, the dredge was used at a landfill, the savings circulating back to benefit the community. He highlighted three major programs that have assisted in not only bringing new business to Monmouth County but more importantly, has helped retain these businesses: Grow Monmouth Program, Made in Monmouth Expo and Grown in Monmouth. There are 53 towns in Monmouth County and the Freeholders can honestly claim a good, solid working relationship with each of these. For additional information you can visit or just ask Tom: 732.431.7396.