Randy Bergmann, Regional Community Content Editor, from the Asbury Park Press, joined us again and focused the content of his information on New Jersey Property Tax.  He was quick to point out, however, that you can’t talk about property tax without putting it into the context of the other taxes, though, residents of NJ consistently identify the property taxes as a home owners’ biggest concern. We have the highest property taxes of any state.  This coupled with the second highest corporate tax, third highest income tax, sales tax is the 8th/9th highest, and we have the second worse credit rating of all the states. This makes NJ an expensive state in which to live. Property taxes in this state have doubled in the past 20 years.  Is all lost? Randy shared with us the package that he has been promoting and pushing for years which would ease some of this tax burden on local residents. But getting this package pushed through legislature has been an ongoing battle.  It is a more comprehensive financial reform package that if the governor and state legislators would collaborate, would not only relieve some tax pressure but also benefit healthcare costs and local education costs.  If you search Bergmann’s name on the app.com website, you can view interviews he has had concerning these issues as well as editorials he has written.  But if you still have questions, he can be reached at 732.643.4034.