A life-long resident of Ocean Township and Tinton Falls, Paul Abrams is the founder of The Today Paper, a hyper-local community newspaper for Ocean Township, Tinton Falls and Eatontown.  He knew when he purchased the paper in 2012, that he wanted this paper to be different, a publication that focused on information that matters to everyone. In each monthly issues, located on page 3, you will find a photo of Paul along with a public message – not just about any topic, and most certainly nothing about politics, sex or religion, but a positive message that everyone can relate to.  Paul described how he’s made an effort to get to know those people with whom he has daily contact: his mail carrier, the new neighbors next door, etc, and what a difference this has made in his life. He shared with us his medical journal, but highlighting how those who knew about his disease supported his family in small but meaningful ways; such as, dropping off a hot cup of coffee.  This is what he strives for through his community newspaper – personal connections that increase our quality of life.  Thank you, Paul.