Our club has a number of service projects available in the month of October.  President Gail asks that you participate in as many as possible.
  • Food Drive for Emmanuel Cancer Foundation--food collected each week at our meeting.  See Events for details and list of items needed
  • Raffle tickets are for sale and the drawing will be held on October 25th at 12:30pm, please be sure to bring in sold tickets prior.  50% to the winner  25% to American Cancer Society and 25% to Asbury Park Rotary Foundation.  Help sell tickets for a great cause.
  • October 28th Rise Against Hunger  Sign up for a shift or if you can't make it please consider making a donation.  Details and links in Events tab.  Our club Foundation is donating $500 to the event.  Please consider signing up for a two hour shift or donate if you can't make it.  Every dollar counts!
  • October 28th Deal Lake Clean-up