Posted by Rebecca Nichols

While the United Way is an organization that is known to all of us, it was good to be reminded of their focus and their presence in Monmouth and Ocean Counties.  Though the programs and partnerships that receive United Way funding are numerous, Tamar shared with us that youth and families are the primary focus. School readiness, both emotionally and academically, receives a great deal of attention from the United Way. Reading programs ensure that children are at grade level in their ability to read and comprehend, and that they remain at grade level throughout their elementary school years. Working with children during the summer months helps to support this effort.  Located in the Freehold Mall is the Financial Success Center, which is open to anyone who needs support, with most of these programs being free-of-charge.  Tax returns, money management, and job search are just a few of the programs offered. This barely touches on the difference that the United Way makes in our communities. For additional information or to see how you can get involved, visit their website