The Rotary Foundation of Asbury Park is pleased to announce its recent $1,000 donation to ShelterBox to assist those fleeing the crises in Ukraine. The cost of a standard ShelterBox is $1,000 USD. 


Today, around 113 million people around the world have been displaced by natural disaster and conflict. ShelterBox, a global non-profit organization, is actively working to change this.

ShelterBox and Rotary

In 2012, ShelterBox became Rotary International’s first Project Partner and remains the only disaster relief charity. This agreement enables both organizations to collaborate more closely to bring relief and temporary shelter to survivors of disasters worldwide.

Rotary International’s logistical support on ShelterBox deployments is just as critical as the generous financial support from Rotarians and Clubs worldwide. The fundraising efforts by Rotarians make up a significant proportion of donations received by ShelterBox. Alongside this, Clubs provide invaluable support to ShelterBox field operations. 

Rotarians will often be the people who ensure ShelterBox aid can be delivered into a country by acting as consignees. These essential acts enable aid delivered to people in need as quickly as possible. More often than not, it will be Rotarians and Clubs who are the first point of contact for the SRT members when they arrive in a country that has been devastated by a disaster.

The project partnership has built on both organization’s strengths in responding to disasters all over the world — including the most recent humanitarian crises in Ukraine. Watch the news segment below to hear how ShelterBox is taking action to assist those in Ukraine:

To learn more about ShelterBox and Rotary International, click here


Jaclyn Boruch

President, 2021-2022

Rotary Club of Asbury Park